Get In Touch with
Art Mouse!

Magic from the Studio 


Meet the Art Mouse

Art Mouse Studio is a creative studio made with love in the home of Connie Ewing, certified art professional with 30 years experience teaching and inspiring artists.  The studio is filled with fun, happiness, learning and growing for children and adults.

I teach children creative ways to express themselves to others with doodling, painting, drawing and creating all kinds of fun art.

Art Mouse is an imaginative motif crafted in my Art Studio that encourages children to feel good about themselves while creating their own masterpieces of Art. 

The Art Mouse skin is yellow-green, one of her favorite colors.

She wears a very red heart on her belly to remind all artists that through art we can touch other lives with our love for all. 

Art Mouse loves to share her wisdom through “Loveable Life Lessons”.

How to share together a gift of friendship?

Art Mouse says “Crayons and paper for two! It doesn’t seem like work if you are sharing what you do!”

How to paint my dreams?

“Crayons, scissors, paint, and glue, will help me teach others that no two works of art are ever the same. Be yourself!”

At night, she scurries around the studio with paints & paint brushes.

In the morning, you may find one of her tiny notes with new ideas.

Art can touch our hearts & remind all races that LOVE is the best gift.