The Art Mouse Studio Mission Statement

"To make art and bring smiles to faces"

The Art Mouse Studio was founded in March of 2013 in the loving home of Connie Ewing.  

Art Mouse was a nick name my young artists gave me while teaching in the Fayette County school system.  Art Mouse always helpes children feel good about themselves while creating their master pieces of art!

Come by the studio sometime & I will share a tiny story or two about her adventures creating art, traveling to Europe visiting famous galleries, spending the day at Monet’s garden, meeting other artists & learning about their art techniques & styles too.  

Oh, Art Mouse has a very red heart on her belly to remind all artists that through art we can touch other lives with our love for all.  Art Mouse has amazing talents too, she can scurry around throughout the studio at night & create delightful new colorful art projects, she can spread joy with tiny messages of encouragement painted on mini canvases, she opens her heart by sharing her time & $$$ supporting local groups & churches.

Connie "The Art Mouse" Ewing