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How to create an inspiring Fleur De Lis painting with a paint brush

Posted by Connie Ewing

Apr 13, 2014 10:59:00 PM

Art Mouse Studio presents: 

"Inspiring Fleur De Lis Symbol"

Fleur_de_lis-1This Fleur De Symbol is one the most beloved symbols, known as the "Flower of Life," whose origin dates back to the ancient Egyptians, the Lotos Flower.  Later, it was adopted by France in the early 12th century. During my research on this symbol found it is used as a religious symbol of life, loyalty, faith, religious theme representing the Trinity of God.

Art Proceses: Why is it important to recognize shapes , texture , & colors creating artworks? Let's expand our color palette to discover new combinations that fascinate you!  Texture is the key ingredient for this project:  actual & implied techniques, variety of brush strokes, and application of embellishments effects  will  create a never seen before  Fleur De Lis  painting.                                            


Step 1 - Selecting size of canvas to me more about what I have left over  from teaching classes and what's on sale at your fave craft store.  For the current project, it measures 5X5 canvas. I always try & buy packs of four or more to get a better discount. I try to prep all the surfaces with various colors rythumns & textures so that save me time later to keep my creative right-brain waves flowing through the painting experience.  Look at the images below for supplies, fleur de lis image, & color pattern ideas. I selected warm colors for the background, but to make the image pop-out a cool green color is best. Refer to a color wheel to reference color section is very handy.      


       Creating the Technique      

Step 2. Selecting your fave fleur de lis image & print to scale for the size of the canvas & cut it out with scissors or cutting knife. Take a pencil & trace the outline of the image on the painted canvas.  Now kick in gear the right-brain for imagination reach for there is only one canvas like this out in the global community.


Gather Your Materials

Step 3. I like to flirt with mettalic colors with my color schemes too. My paint is acrylic which is water based. I use three brushes large flat, medium flat,& a small round from most all projects. 


 Creating the Mettalic Technique

Step 4. Brush strokes can be similiar to a singer's voice.  You are in control moving the brush with light strokes ( placing light pressure with the tip loaded with paint.) Just create a rythmun applying color using thick stokes & blended stokes of color.  I often load my brush with three values of color & roll the brush to create a vibrate display of colors within the elements of shapes on the canvas. I used more of a dry brush technique for this project ( less water than water color) I build shapes of color by add more colorful layer that can be overlapped, one layer on top of another area; paint the large shapes then move forward adding small stokes & more detailed patterns.  Always remember at any time during your paintng experience just paint over an area with the brush.  



Paint your Fleur De Lis

Step 5.  Embellishments:  I keep a collection of odd items like buttons, sequins, glitter paint, glitter pens, old jewelry, old books (tear out pages, cut out favorite quotes that inspire your faith, ribbons, just cool stuff !) I just play with a few items from the box.  You can lay your faith onto the canvas with your own collection of embellishments too.


Now play with the glitter until you luv it! 


 Thanks for reading my FIRST blog post!  Please comment and let me know what you think.  I'll be posting many more articles for all ages!  

If you have any questions or need any help making your art, please contact me -- the Art Mouse is always happy to help!

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